View Full Version : Where to get BW/color developed in the NE

20-Apr-2011, 08:29

Its been about 5 years since I used LF and things have changed since then...no more portra 160nc 4x5 :( no more trix...:(

anyways Im looking for a lab in the north east I can mail my film to to get developed and sent back (color and BW 4x5...ill probably start developing my own BW again just not right now), any recommendations?

Joanna Carter
20-Apr-2011, 09:19
The NE of which country/continent??? After all, this is an international forum :rolleyes:

20-Apr-2011, 10:05
Edgar Praus (http://www.4photolab.com/)

Nathan Potter
20-Apr-2011, 10:45
Yes Praus in Rochester NY. is an excellent processor.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Mark Sampson
20-Apr-2011, 10:50
Who told you that Tri-X has been discontinued? The sheet film has always been Tri-X Pan Professional 320, still being made. Tri-X Pan 400 is available in 35mm, and as far as I know in 120, but it's never been made in sheet sizes. And +1 for Edgar Praus.

20-Apr-2011, 18:49
I use United Photo (UPHOTO) in Beltsville Maryland http://www.uphoto.com

Excellent pro lab.

- Leigh

21-Apr-2011, 06:29
My bad, thought trix had been discontinued but I found it-

ill try Praus

I meant New England-

thanks guys