View Full Version : 2 Quickies to start the New Year

David VanMeter
2-Jan-2001, 08:53
I said these were quick questions, not brilliant ones... 1) Can I use a Polaroid 545 film holder for ready loads in a pinch? 2) What is an economical or simple source for a Sulfite bucket for Polardoid Typ e 55 film? Anyone got a spare Polaroid one they could give up?

Thanks guys! Here's looking forward to another year of great discussion.

Scott Walton
2-Jan-2001, 10:02
Yes you can use your 545 and a Tupperware container will be a good alternative. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from.

Bill Jefferson
2-Jan-2001, 10:46
Hi Dave,

I use yankee cut film tanks with insert to clear Polaroid Negs in.

1 to clear neg, 1 to wash cleared negs in.


adam friedberg
2-Jan-2001, 11:18
1. for fuji: yes for kodak: i don't think so and i wouldn't try it (at least not the double sheet packets). 2. ditto to the tupperware. get one just a little larger than the neg and about 1 1/2" to 2" deep. fill with water. put first neg emulsion up, the rest emulsion down. tip: put a layer of paper towel inbetween each neg and you won't have any scratches. after many years of doing it this way i haven't lost one neg.

John H. Henderson
2-Jan-2001, 13:03
I don't know about Fuji, but Kodak specifically tells you that you can use Readyloads in a 545. They even include instructions on their web site. I have no personal experience, though.

Ellis Vener
2-Jan-2001, 13:55
yes you can, in a pinch, use a 545 or 545i holder for kodak Readyloads and Fuji Quickloads. However tests I conducted revealed that film flatness was not as good, nor was focal plane alignment as when using the Kodak or Fuji holders. To be safe stop down an extra 1 to 1.5 stops and also test with your Polaroid holder at different apertures.

Garry Edwards
3-Jan-2001, 14:20
I agree with the last answer in that it is always better to use the right tool for the job and it would make sense to stop down a bit just to make sure, but I have used Fuji many times in a 545i holder without any problem. I first used it out on a job when my Fuji holder jammed up (again) and because I was shooting by available light I had to use f11 for some shots, no problems at all. I haven't tried the double Kodak in Polaroid holder, but I have tried them in the Kodak holder, which is why I prefer Fuji!