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Nick Ahlgrim
19-Apr-2011, 23:17
Today I picked up this brass lens from a thrift store and I have no idea what kind it is or what it is for. It has no visible markings and no aperture. It looks pretty old. For all I know it could be for a projector or something. It was really cheap.

I am hoping someone will be able to help me out and tell me what I've got.

I posted the photos on Flickr

This is my first post. Kinda new to this. Looking forward to hearing what people think.

Can't figure out how to add a Photo...

Steven Tribe
20-Apr-2011, 00:22
This is fairly small, I think. This is an extract from a 1910 Photographic catalogue.
The model on the right has the same features as yours. Adjustable magnifiers - designed to look at the ground glass image when doing fine focussing.

Andrew Plume
20-Apr-2011, 04:49
yes, it's an 'old-style' lupe


Nick Ahlgrim
20-Apr-2011, 07:44

That seems to be it. I just put it up to my computer screen and it's magnifying just like a loupe. It works great.. A little disappointed its not for making an image, but think I can find some uses for this.

Thanks for saving me the many hours I would have otherwise spent searching online for a match. Now I have to try and figure out who made it.

Steven Tribe
20-Apr-2011, 12:53
The one like yours is described in the catalogue as an achromat so it would produce a reasonable image.