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Adam Kavalunas
19-Apr-2011, 14:02
Just wanted to give everybody a heads up. From time to time, I'll do searches seeing if anyone is printing Ilfochromes anymore, specifically digitally. Well, to my delight, Hance Partners in AZ are now doing them again using their Lightjets. I spoke with Richard today, and it looks like they will be printing them for atleast a year or two, possibly longer if the demand rises. He said the future looks promising. They are certainly pricey, but IMHO, I've never seen a color print that matches an Ilfochrome.

19-Apr-2011, 16:07
Is this the same as Cibachrome?

I used to do Cibachromes, but only for myself.

- Leigh

Adam Kavalunas
19-Apr-2011, 16:17
Yes, this is the same as Cibachrome. The name changed when Ilford took over years ago. There is still the Lab Ciba which can print traditionally, or take your digital file, have a transparency made from that, and then print from the transparency.

19-Apr-2011, 18:44
B&H has it also. But did it ever go away?

Nathan Potter
19-Apr-2011, 18:49
Never went away. I've used it continuously since about 1975. A number of labs have dropped it use though. Maybe Chris Burkett uses half the worlds supply. :rolleyes:

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Adam Kavalunas
19-Apr-2011, 20:20
Yes, everyone, I realize that it never went away, but over the last few years, I haven't been able to find any labs in the U.S. that print it from a digital file, which I stated in the original post.

20-Apr-2011, 03:25
Great news, thanks for the post!!!

20-Apr-2011, 08:21
How long does Ilfochrome last? I just acquired a box of 16x20 dated June, 1997. I'm hoping that it's usable.

Drew Wiley
20-Apr-2011, 13:07
Was it kept in the freezer? If not, it probably went bad ten years ago.