View Full Version : Filter use on 135 4.7 Xenar

Paul Palka
30-Dec-2000, 23:07
Hi, I recently purchased a Crown Graphic and a Xenar 135mm f/4.7 lens. How can i use filters on this lens? It has theads but i heard they are non standard and i couldn't just screw in a filter... Do I need an adpter or something? Any help i s greatly appreciated, Thanks

30-Dec-2000, 23:41
A 42mm slip-on adapter for series VI filters fits. Since it has metric threads, unlike the Ektar and Optar lenses, I believe that a screw-in filter may work, probably 39mm or 40.5mm.

Erik Ryberg
31-Dec-2000, 03:42
It should take a 40.5 mm filter, readily available at B&H and most other large suppliers.

Erik R

Rico Obusan
31-Dec-2000, 04:23
The 135 Xenar takes a 40.5mm filter. Filters of this size are often hard to find and often more expensive than regular sized filters (49,52,55, etc.)To work around this situation I got a 40.5-49mm stepping ring (about $12)on which I mount readily-available 49mm filters. It also allows me to use filters on my 90/6.8 Angulon, a tiny lens which also has a 40.5mm filter size. I hope this helps.

Paul Palka
31-Dec-2000, 18:55
Cool! Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your help!