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18-Apr-2011, 07:46
I have an 8x10 wooden field view (modern made) that I have not been able to identify the maker. There are no marks anywhere on it that I can find. The bellows extension is about 22 inches. Anything else I can show to help?
I've been told it could be a Tachihara or Wista, but??
Any ideas as to just what it is and some estimate of what it should sell for??

Thanks for any help or suggestions,


John Kasaian
18-Apr-2011, 08:06
Looks like a Tachihara to me. Nice camera!:D
The back standard looks pretty slim for an 8x10, how much does it wiegh? Perhaps it could be a Nagaoka?

18-Apr-2011, 08:23
I'll have to dig it out and weigh it. (with or without lens and board?) I know the whole outfit with holders, two lenses, meter, dark cloth and various filters, in it's case comes in around 30 lbs.:eek: Add the 22 lb. Zone VI wood tripod at another 22 lbs. and it never got far from the car......;)

Gem Singer
18-Apr-2011, 08:46
It looks like an 8x10 Tahihara double extension with brass hardware.

18-Apr-2011, 11:09
The camera, less lens and board, weighs in at 10 lb 9 oz.
The back standard without the ground glass is 1 3/4 inches.
The scale on the bed is in cm.
Anything else help??
Is not having a makers name on the camera normal? (If it was on a stuck on plate that has fallen off, I see no sign of it. But, then again, I suppose a little "Goo-Gone" might remove all signs of there being one....:) )

Again, thanks,


E. von Hoegh
18-Apr-2011, 11:11
What is the lens?

18-Apr-2011, 11:35
One is a Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar Triple Convertible. 1:6.8/300, 1:13/500, 1:12/465 Shutter – Compound Air 1” – 1/100ths”, T & B, PC Connector on a cherry board with a Calumet 100mm interal filter holder.
The other is a Wollensak Velostigmat Wide Angle Series III f9.5 8x10. Shutter Betax #3 ½-1/50 sec. on a Sinar metal board.

E. von Hoegh
18-Apr-2011, 13:16
Your Symmar is a Dagor type, coated at that. Not very common.

18-Apr-2011, 14:14
That Symmar is a real sleeper. I have one and it is a very sharp lens with both cells. I do not recall if this lens is typical where you use single cells on the rear of the shutter at all times. With both cells F 16 was best. But F45 should still give you a perfect contact print. The camera sure looks like a Tach....

18-Apr-2011, 18:06
I'm agreeing that it's a Tachihara, and a T810GF WoodField at that! Check out BadgerGraphic: https://www.badgergraphic.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=145

I have the 810GF, and has a small (about 1.25"x.5") name plate on the rear of the back standard, just stuck on. It would take very little effort to remove it, and goo gone the remnants.

I'm surprised this version only has four ground glass clips - I souble checked, and mine has six - one on each short side, and two on each long side of the GG. Otherwise (and with the exception of the double extension) this camera is a near duplicate of mine.

Andrew Plume
19-Apr-2011, 09:22
spot on Dean - I have one of these too