View Full Version : Which Copal Shutter for 210mm Macro Sironar N ?

Ken Lee
17-Apr-2011, 07:43
I have a 210mm Rodenstock Macro Sironar N, mounted on a Sinar DB lens board. I use it with my Sinar camera and Sinar shutter.

If I wanted to put it into a Copal shutter, which size would it take ? I doesn't fit into any of my Copal 1 shutters.

I use some of my lenses in both a Copal shutter, and Sinar DB board, depending on which camera I am using. I would like to do the same with the Macro Sironar.

17-Apr-2011, 08:08
Do you have a caliper/micrometer to measure the thread diameter of both elements? Something else to consider is spacing. While the threads may "fit" a particular shutter, the distance between the cells now should be the same as in a shutter mount. If you know your DB board is a proper mount and intend to move it to a shutter, don't get rid of it until you can compare between the two to be sure, or have a competent person do the conversion for you.
On a side note, let me know if you want to sell the DB mount. I intend to get my hands on one of these lenses one day. I only ever see them come up in shutter mount.

Oren Grad
17-Apr-2011, 08:31
Ken, my 1993 Rodenstock brochure shows the 210 Macro-N as having been supplied in #3 shutters.

Ken Lee
17-Apr-2011, 11:08
Thank you for the helpful information !

Chris - I don't plan to get rid of the Sinar DB board. I use many of my favorite lenses in their Copal shutters and on Sinar DB boards. I would merely be adding to the arsenal.

I just looked: new Copal 3 shutters are not cheap. I may just keep that Macro Sironar for use with the Sinar camera, and not try putting it into a shutter after all.

Unless, that is, someone is selling a used Copal 3 shutter at a modest price :)

evan clarke
17-Apr-2011, 12:32
Mine is in a Copal 3.. Evan Clarke