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16-Apr-2011, 11:20
Hi everybody!! I've acquired a Phototherm SSK-4 recently with 135 holders. The seller used to process B&W film only. But I shoot 135, 120, and 4X5, mostly slides. When the unit comes, I need to buy extra tubes, bottles, and chemicals. I already emailed Phototherm that I wanna buy 120 and 4x5 holders. Hope they'll reply me soon. Now I have several questions;

1. Where can I buy extra tubes and bottles?

2. There're 4-step and 7-step processes to develop slides. What's the difference betweent them (I mean what's the difference about the resulting images.)?

3. I live in Long Island, so I can go to B&H or Adorama to buy chemistry. As I searched online, this is the list of the chemistry I need;
- E-6AR First Developer Replenisher for Color Slide Film
- E-6 Reversal Bath & Replenisher for Color Slide Film
- E-6AR Color Developer Replenisher, Part B for Color Slide Film
- E-6AR Pre-Bleach II & Replenisher for Color Slide Film
- Bleach (what kinda bleach?)
- E-6 Fixer & Replenisher for Color Slide Film
- E-6 Final Rinse & Replenisher for Color Slide Film
Are the above correct?

4. What about 4-step process? Would it be easier and cheaper? What chemistry I need and where to buy?

It seems both B&H and Admorama only have bulk packages which cost a lot of money. Are they any vendors out there selling E6 chemistry so I can compare prices?

17-Apr-2011, 08:43
I've been using the Gallon Arista kits from freestyle... Not technically complicated and they seem to work well enough. A gallon kit costs around 75.99+ shipping I think.


17-Apr-2011, 19:34
Thanks dbla.

It seems to be a great kit. I tried to find more info about this Arista kit but found very little. Is this kit a 4-step? And how many rolls of 135 films an Arista kit can develop?

Sorry, I don't have any experience in developing film myself. I'm just a serious ameteur. Still have a lot to learn.

17-Apr-2011, 19:49
I think it depends... There's a Gallon, Quart, and Pint kit... the capacities obviously differ... I know I can get around 100 sheets of 4x5 with the gallon kit.

And yes, four steps I believe.