View Full Version : Ilex #4 Lensboard Size

Marshall Arbitman
25-Feb-2001, 17:09
Can anybody tell me whether Ilex Shutter sizes correspond in mounting diameter t o today's Copal sizes? For instance, will an Ilex #4 mount in, say, a Copal #X l ensboard, or does it require a custom hole?

James Meckley
25-Feb-2001, 18:40
My Ilex No. 4 shutter fits into a hole drilled for a Copal No. 3, although it is not an absolutely precise fit. See Mr. Grimes's website; I believe he has all of these shutter specifications available there.

James Meckley

Steve Grimes.
26-Feb-2001, 19:04
Regular #4 shutter takes a 2.604" diameter hole to mount it.