View Full Version : Seeking Kalart rangefinder actuator and follower for Graphic project

15-Apr-2011, 09:16
(Graflex.org does not allow postings that are hunting for parts.)

I have a top-rangefinder Speed Graphic, which makes it a late Pacemaker model. The rangefinder is calibrated for a 127mm lens, and I have two to choose from (an Optar and an Ysarex).

I would also like to use this camera with a 8-1/2" Ilex Paragon, for portraits. That f/4.5 tessar design has a nice rendering and this is the perfect application for that lens.

I'll use the camera hand-held and want the rangefinders to work with these lenses.

There was no cam made for this lens, and looking at the size of the cams, I'm loathe to attempt to make one. And even the common cams are scarce on the ground.

So, I thought of adding a Kalart rangefinder to the side of the camera. When I removed the flash bracket, all the right holes were in all the right places. So I found a junker quarter-plate Speed to salvage the Kalart. But the actuator arm that extends from the rangefinder down to the focus rail, and the follower that attached to the focus rail, are both different than on a 4x5 camera. So, I bought a pile o'parts from an Anniversary Graphic, which included a basket-case Kalart. The rangefinder itself is messed up, but I thought I could salvage the actuator arm and the follower.

But, no. The Anniversary front standard does not sit as wide as the Pacemaker (the latter has the tilt control), and the attachment to the rail is different. The follower does not extend out to the side quite far enough to clear the standard when it's retracted into the body, and the actuator arm is, of course, shaped for that follower.

I could possibly reshape the actuator arm, but I'm hoping someone who has ripped the rangefinder off their Pacemaker Graphic still has that follower screwed to the back end of the focus rail.

I need:

1. The follower that attaches to the focus rail that engages the actuator arm of a Kalart side rangefinder on an early Pacemaker Graphic. It must be from the Pacemaker series. Anniversary and earlier models used different parts.

2. The screws that clamp the follower to the focus rail.

3. The actuator arm that connects the focus rail follower to the pin from the Kalart that projects into the body of the camera. Again, Pacemaker only, please.

4. If you have a thumbscrew for the Pacemaker tilt control, I'm missing one of those, too.

If you have these items, let me know if you are willing to part with them.

Rick "appreciative" Denney