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14-Apr-2011, 19:38
I have searched to find info about these lenses . Could someone explain to me in layman terms about these lenses:confused: . I am a newbie but I am liking the look of these lenses please help Thanx in advance Craig

Louis Pacilla
14-Apr-2011, 20:00
Hi Craig.

This is a great place to start.


16-Apr-2011, 06:15
Thank you Louis . What size lenses would you recommend for a 4x5 Thanx. Something good all around type LOL

Louis Pacilla
16-Apr-2011, 07:50
For Funky effects out on the edges of the 4x5 sheet of film I use a 6" Petzval. As a traditional Portrait lens 6"FL is a bit short & will not have very good drawing & proportions .
The good news is that a 6" f4 Petzval can be converted to about twice the combined focal length. By using the front glued pair in the rear of the tube. You now have a 12"FL. You will need to double the maximum f stop. This will have a nice look as well.

You can certainly use a longer FL on 4x5 ( like a 10"-12" but more than likely the lens board on a 4x5 field camera is to small to mount an 10"-12" f3.8 Petzval on. Unless your using a 4x5 rail camera (Usually 6"x6" lens board)

17-Apr-2011, 07:00
I have a 6 inch, and it works well for me. But then, I tend to like wide to normal. One thing to keep in mind is these are all uncoated. Will flare like crazy when bright light hits them. That's my only real gripe.

Kent in SD

17-Apr-2011, 18:16
Thank you I will be looking for lens here . Hopefully it wont cost a arm LOL thanx for your help