View Full Version : Schneider 90mm f8 Super-Angulon in Copal #0 opinions!

Douglas P. Theall
18-Feb-2001, 22:14
I could use some help again. I am looking at the above mentions lense for my Ta chihara 4x5 and was wondering if some of you more experienced folk would help me out. I don't beleive coverage would be a problem but what is this lens worth. Is $400 too much. Thanks again for all the help I have received off the LF forum. Doug

Sergio Ortega
18-Feb-2001, 22:35

The 90mm Schneider f/8 SA MC is one of the best and most popular wide angle 4x5 lenses around. I love mine.

It's not too wide, it's very easy to use, yet it provides the distinct LF wide angle perpective you want in a 4x5 WA lens. Coverage is more than adequate for most purposes. However, for extreme shifts, as with some types of architectural photography, you may run out coverage. It's reasonably small, light, uses 67mm filters, and the maximum aperture provides sufficient brightness for easy composing and focussing.

$400 sounds like a good price, towards the low end if in good condition. The rear glass element is quite exposed, with no raised lip to protect it from the inevitable bumps and scratches, so inspect it carefully to make sure it's not damaged.

Good luck, Sergio.

Joseph Wasko
18-Feb-2001, 23:54
I paid $475.00 for mine just before Christmas on ebay. It is in near mint condition. It is also tack sharp. I recommend. $400.00 sounds like a good price. Good Luck with it if you decide to go ahead and purchase.

Andres Suurkuusk
19-Feb-2001, 04:26
<a href="http://www.archiphoto.com/personal%20pages/LFlenses.html">Here</ a> is some lense ideas.

John H. Henderson
19-Feb-2001, 13:00
Whether it's single-coated or multi-coated makes a difference in what it's worth. You can tell by the serial number. I believe there was something on Schneider's web site that told you when (by serial number) they began multicoating. The multicoated ones are labelled "MC" or "multicoated." Most (if not all) of the MC are in black barrels while the older ones are in silver. $400 is probably in the ball park for a really good single coated and would be a steal for the MC.

19-Feb-2001, 14:39
I agree. For a clean, multicoated 90mm f/8 SA in a Copal shutter, $400 is a very good price. I have this lens, and I really like it.


Douglas P. Theall
19-Feb-2001, 16:18
Thanks to everyone who gave me some info on this lens. I missed getting it but I am much wiser for the effort and your advice. Doug

sheldon hambrick
19-Feb-2001, 18:31
"I missed getting it but..."

Don't forget keh (www.keh.com). They usually have one or two (or more) 90mm SAs for around $400. I recently bought a black barreled non-MC one in great condition (perfect glass) for $350. Currently, I think the have several older chrome barrel ones for less than $300.

William Nettles
25-Feb-2001, 15:53
I've got two 90mm Schneider f8s and they are OK. I've rented the Schneider 5.6 and it is a much better lens and easier to focus with. The 90/f8 keeps tripping me up in low light situations where it is difficult to focus. Both f8s for me are not worth even one f5.6

For architecture / Interiors you can't beat the Calumet (Rodenstock) 65mm with a centering filter for $$ or sharpness.

I've used both the 90 and the 65 on an old Calumet without Wide Angle bellows. Recessed boards and everything tight and fussy-but it can work. -I hate recessed lens boards-

When you go wide you can never get wide enough, and when you do get wide enough the distortion (stretching at the edges) beats you back. I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night designing Circuit cameras in my head. . . <g>