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Jack the boatman
13-Apr-2011, 11:28
I am a newcomer to 5 x 4 photography and have just bought a Shen Hao TZ45 11A.
The ground glass screen and wooden frame is held very securely to the back with 2 strong spring loaded clips. When the ground glass screen is removed the spring clips are removed with it. The only way of fitting darkslides or film backs is via a couple of sliding metal plates which are at top left and right of the revolving back.

This works well for a rollfilm back which I have just bought, but fitting Fidelity Elite darkslides is less secure. It appears that the sliding metal plates engage in shallow grooves on the edges of the darkslide, but this does not seem to be a very reliable method.

Am I doing something wrong?
Are Fidelity Elite the right kind of darkslides for this camera?

If not what type should I get?

Thanks for any responses.

Greg Y
13-Apr-2011, 11:37
Welcome Jack....to the forum and the world of large format photography. Just a point of clarification on nomenclature. The "Fidelity Elite" is called a film holder....the "dark slide" is the thin black slide you then pull out to make the exposure. It is not necessary to remove the groundglass back to make an exposure. The hinges are large enough to insert the film holder (in this case Fidelity) between the groundglass and the camera.
The metal plates you are talking about are the "Graflock" back mechanism for attaching roll film holders. In this case you remove the groundglass back.
Hope this helps

13-Apr-2011, 12:19
Greg -- as this is an international forum, one has to get use to those in Great Britain calling what the Yanks call the film holders, "darkslides". Actually, now you got me wondering what they call what us Yanks call darkslides! LOL!

But yes, one should not have to remove the GG to insert the darkslides (film holders).


Joanna Carter
13-Apr-2011, 12:30
Jack, it sounds like you could benefit from coming to one of the UKLFPG workshops. They're free to attend; all you've got to do is find accommodation. We have one starting this Friday, through to Sunday, in Saltburn by the Sea. See this thread (http://www.lf-photo.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2392) for more details.

Greg Y
13-Apr-2011, 12:33
Thanks Vaughn, That had not crossed my mind. I do quite often deal with folks from other lands in my business, but rarely is photography a topic of discussion. Thanks for the clarification


13-Apr-2011, 16:10
My Grafmatics won't fit in my Shen Hao 4x5.

Jack the boatman
14-Apr-2011, 00:49
Thanks very much everyone. I have tried and it works beautifully. I am impressed by the speed of your replies.