View Full Version : What is the developing time for TRI-X 4x5 film?

Oscar Avellaneda
9-Dec-2000, 00:13
Recently i have been shooting Tri-x 4x5 film with the standard rating of 320ISO. But i always push it to 400 ISO. My question is, what is the developing time fo r it in D-76 at 1:1?

Doug Paramore
9-Dec-2000, 12:37
Oscar: Use eight minutes at 68 degrees for a start. Not enough "push" going to 400 from 320 to worry about. A lot of serious photographers rate Tri-X Professional at 160 and cut back on the developing a bit. You lose a stop, but the shadow detail is great. Either D-76 or HC- 110 gives good results. Hope this helps,

Scott Walton
11-Dec-2000, 10:05
www.digitaltruth.com has a massive chart for all films (at least most) and ALOT of developer combos.