View Full Version : Schneider 1:5.6/210-370 for Toyo aII

Larry Gaskill
8-Dec-2000, 15:54
Does anyone know is the Schneider 1:5.6 210-370 lens will work on the Toyo AII This lens converts from 210 to 370

This group has been of enormous help to me in the decision making process. Thanks so much

David Grandy
8-Dec-2000, 22:26
I use that very lens on the older Toyo Field Camera. You won't have any problems using that lens at 210 on the AII but you might have some concern when you convert it to 370. You can measure the bellows on the AII to check. You'll need 370 mm of bellows extension at infinity and twice that to get to 1:1. For practical purposes you'll need (I'm guessing) 550 mm to make it useful for portraits.

Having said all that I doubt if you'll even want to use this lens at 370. It's just not very good. You lose contrast and although it has acceptable sharpness, it just ain't that good at 370. For 210 though,it's fine.

pat krentz
9-Dec-2000, 01:42
Try using a #3 yellow filter when using the 370, it help with contrast and apparent sharpness. Pat