View Full Version : Mask for Crown Graphic Viewfinder

John B. Kowalski
7-Dec-2000, 19:00
I need a source or if anyone out there has one to sell for a Crown Graphic viewfinder mask for 6x7 cm format while using a rollfilm back on a 4x5 back. I could even use a tracing of one on paper that I could use to fabricate one out of thin brass or other metal.

Thanx all,


N Dhananjay
7-Dec-2000, 20:50
Try contacting Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com). I think they manufacture these masks. Worth checking out. Cheers, DJ.

Greg Lawhon
7-Dec-2000, 20:54
Stephen Shuart lists a variety of viewfinder masks in his inventory of Graphic accessories. See http://www.stephenshuart.com.

John H. Henderson
8-Dec-2000, 09:34
Ed Romney suggests making them out of colored plastic so that you'll be able to see what's going on outside the field of view.

I posted a request for viewfinder mask dimensions on the Graflex.org board a couple weeks ago, and no one has contributed any.

Of course, the mask dimensions are also dependent upon the focal length of your lens.

I did some experiments with the 135mm lens, and found out that the viewfinder didn't even quite cover what the ground glass indicated, so I don't think a mask is needed. You could start from that point (no mask = 4x5 image with 135mm lens) and figure out what size mask opening you need for your lens and a 6x7 cm image.