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10-Apr-2011, 11:53
I'm new to this format having shot and developed my first 8x10 sheets just this past Friday. Here's my questions:

1. I have a 1520 and 1530 tank combo that I use to process 1 sheet of 8x10 RA paper with and a 2840 tank for film. The interior wall of the former is smooth without the ridges of the latter so it would seem that the negative would lie flat against the wall of the 1500 series while the ridges of the 2800 series would provide for some space between the base of the negative and the wall of the tank. Is is preferable that the processing solutions have access to the backside (base) of the negative?

2. Considering the 2840, would it be likely that the negatives would shift upon each other during processing? Two sheets of paper seem to fit right up together and wouldn't shift upon each other during rotation. However the negative is a tad smaller.

3. Would it be preferable to use the cup insert for the lid or the spigot insert with center core or does it matter?

My processor is a CPA-2 with lift.



12-Apr-2011, 10:23
I develop two 5x7s in the 2840 drum. I use pieces of tape stuck to the inside seperator rails to make sure they don't shift around and overlap each other. It works ok but probably not perfect. 8x10 would probably work fine too but I'm not sure you would be comfortable with two sheets of it. I use the cup lid and it works fine.

Make sure to soak your negative in a tray of fixer after your done because the base side isn't going to get enough fixer to clear otherwise.

12-Apr-2011, 11:04
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