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Mark MacKenzie
10-Apr-2011, 07:53
I have a new to me 40's Kodak 2D 5x7 view camera. I also have parts from a much older 5x7 in the attic including the extension rails. So I was quite disappointed to find that the older extension does not fit the later camera. The brass gears on the later one are square cut and the earlier one also square by at a different pitch, closer and more fine. The earlier one's brass are mounted out in the middle of the smaller rails the younger camera's are close to the inside edge and the rails are bigger and more substantial. Anyone know details as to when the designs changed?

Newer cameras bellows are red and in great shape. The older ones are disintegrating. I think I'll use saddle soap and then neutral polish on the red one for protection. Anyone try Neat's Foot Oil?

Looking forward to shooting it.......


Nathan Smith
10-Apr-2011, 08:35
Careful with water & saddle soap on the bellows. You'll find mixed opinions on neats foot oil on bellows. Everybody seems to have their favorite leather cleaner/moisturizer.

I like the spray stuff made for leather car seats - it's easy to use and it is designed to prolong the life of leather without leaving any residue. I don't spray it on though, just moisten a Q-tip or a cloth.

Michael Roberts
10-Apr-2011, 09:56
Mark, your bellows may be synthetic, not leather, so check it out before using a product meant for leather or else you might just gum it up. Lemon Pledge works well on synthetics. Try a little plain water--if it soaks in, you've got leather; if not, you've got vinyl or synthetic.

Mark MacKenzie
10-Apr-2011, 11:13
Thanks for all help. Yes, the bellows is leather and I took the plunge with the Neat's Foot Oil. It looks spectacular. I hope it will protect it. I applied it sparingly, though.

So I looked at that old extension I had and it doesn't match up to the gears on the old 2D standards I had, so I don't know what it goes to but I'd like to find a 2D 5x7 extension and some Hen's teeth...


Michael Roberts
10-Apr-2011, 11:29
Interesting Mark. I thought all the 2Ds had synthetic bellows like mine. Mine's a later model, so maybe a post-war change. Anyway, glad your bellows responded to the oil treatment.