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Dan Kowalsky
13-Feb-2001, 10:46
Hello every one, I have a question about the 121mm Super Angulon lens I purchased and has not yet arrived. This lens has an image circle of 290mm @ f22. That is about an 11.6 in ch circle. When I measure diagonally across the 8x10 negative it measures just u nder 12.5 inches. That would leave about 3/4 inch in the corners that will be vi gnetted. If I stop down to f32,f45,or f64 would I be able to cover this entire 8 x10 negative with no movements? This lens would be used as an ultra wide for my Master view 8x10 and as a full coverage for my home made Hobo, also 8x10. Thanks in advance for any comments.

13-Feb-2001, 13:27

I believe the IC is 290 mm@f16 with 100 degree angle of view (black version). You can step down to f32 to cover 8x10 with just a bit movement. Light fall off at the corners, but it should not be a problem for B&W. My concern is that the angle of view is too wide and it covers too much, my points of interest get lost in the whole pic. It's good for grand landscape. I suggest you email Roger Hicks, it's his favorite lens!

Rob Tucher
13-Feb-2001, 13:55
I know nothing about the image circle of the lens, but in proctical terms I have done a lot of interior shooting with my 121mm when not much else will do, and I even get a bit of movement, and certainly full coverage without a whole lot of drop off in the corners (b&w only so far)at f/22 and f/32. Stopped down more I even get rise in the occasional vertical tight exterior shot.

Dan Kowalsky
13-Feb-2001, 13:55
Thanks for the spec's Geoffrey. The Gran landscape is one of the reasons for the wide coverage of this lens on the 8x10 format. I also think this would be a great street shooting lens on my Home made HOBO. I assume focus is from 4 feet to infinity at f22 or smaller. Check it out.(www.dankowalsky.com/Equipment.htm)

Dan Kowalsky
13-Feb-2001, 13:59
...Forgot to mention. The lens in the H/M HOBO for now is a Kodak 127 ektar

13-Feb-2001, 14:15
You got a very cool LFPS! You should get a Linhof wide angle lens focusing track to adding more focusing flexibility to your HoBo.

Paul Schilliger
13-Feb-2001, 15:53
I did not use it on 8x10 but a friend who just bought the lens from me has made a 8x10 chrome and is happy with the coverage (maybe he will relate his findings?). He even used a little bi t of rise. As often said, Schneider have very high requirements when they put forward the specs for their lenses. Cl osing down to f22-32 should be enough. Beyond, the diffraction will affect the sharpness of your neg and is not recommended. A 121 mm lens on 8x10 is equivalent to a 18 mm for SF!

Guillaume Zuili
13-Feb-2001, 16:30
Hi Dan, I use my HOBO with a 121. It's perfectly fine. No coverage problem Difraction doesn't occur and perspectives are beautifull. 18mn doesn't mean anything in large format. Regards.