View Full Version : Lens boards for old Kodak

brian jefferis
4-May-1999, 17:14
Where would one obtain lens boards for an old 8 X 10 Eastman Kodak view camera? Can they be made or would lens boards from other 8 X 10's work? Thanks

Michael Kadillak
4-May-1999, 20:31
Contact my friend Mr. Al Bowker at (303) 650-1984.

He can replicate any lensboard from high density plastic that are very functional, reasonable priced and identical to your original.

Send him one original and he will return it with the new boards.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
4-May-1999, 20:34
Depending on what model Kodak you have, many of the older 8 X 10 woodies have a 6" X 6" board, very similar to the Deardorff. You could call around and find a LF camera store in your area, and if they have anything like it, take it in to check.

I believe Midwest Photo and Steve Shuart both stock or make boards for various 8 X 10 cameras. They both advertise in Shutterbug Magazine all the time.

The easiest, fastest thing is to make one yourself out of masonite or whatever material you find easy to work with.

4-May-1999, 22:19
one, such as myself, who uses an Eastman 2D, would, and did go to a hobby shop where they sell very good plywood for model airplanes and boats and bought a 3/8 piece of plywood that was 6" wide (the width of the Eastman lens board), and then i cut it to fit. you can make the rabbit with a back saw. i did this purely for cosmetic reasons; i'm sure it could be done much cheaper than the $3.50 i spent.

Charles Matter
10-May-1999, 14:54