View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Tessar 135mm f.4.5 questions

9-Apr-2011, 08:30
Okay so i just bought this Carl Zeiss Tessar 135mm f.4.5 and haven't really been able to find any information on this lens. I've heard from people the image quality is fairly good with this lens.

looking for someone to share some knowledge on this lens


E. von Hoegh
9-Apr-2011, 10:11
Tessars are nice sharp lenses, if coated will have good contrast as well. Yours will just cover 4x5, with no movements.

9-Apr-2011, 12:01
I have one from about 1925, speed settings on a dial rather than on the rim. Image quality on 4x5 is excellent.

9-Apr-2011, 12:53
thanks guys i from the seller i bought it from to see if i can get anything more info


Jim Jones
9-Apr-2011, 13:31
Your Tessar was made in 1938. Using a lens hood in some circumstances may reduce flare with this uncoated lens. Otherwise, it should still make fine images.

Chuck Pere
10-Apr-2011, 06:58
Same lens that is on my 9x12cm Zeiss Maximar cameras. I think it does a great job. Even uncoated it handles hot light OK.