View Full Version : 45mm APO Grandagon fantasy

11-Feb-2001, 00:45
This lens is available in focusing mount. How is it fixed on lensboard? Screw in to a threaded hole? My crazy idea is to build a WA MF rangefinder out of a roll film holder.

Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2001, 06:44
The focusing mounts from Rodenstock have a #3 shutter on the back. They mont to any lens board with a 3 hole.

paul owen
11-Feb-2001, 07:59
Are you buying this lens new?? If so, you might be interested to know that Silvestri provide LF and MF lenses in focusing mounts and also available is a metal lens board (complete with silvestri bayonet mount)that you can use to attach the lens to a front standard of a LF camera. This option, although expensive, MAY be cheaper than the Rodenstock one!! Regards Paul

11-Feb-2001, 22:05
What is silvestri's website address? I'm interested in atleast 150mm lens that is in focusing mount. I have the cambo with 47mm XL but I wanted a longer lens for portraiture. The cambo 150mm lens is available but very expensive. I'm wondering whether there is something cheaper out there.

Bob Salomon
11-Feb-2001, 23:22
Sorry for the confusion, PMA has us pretty busy.

the focus mounts have a #3 thread on the back. Not a #3 shutter. They accept Rodenstock lenses in 0 shutter from 35mm up.

andrea milano
12-Feb-2001, 17:41
Silvestri is http://www.silvestricamera.com they take a little while to answer! Enjoy