View Full Version : Can anyone give a "name" to this "odd/distinctive" reisekamera?

Steven Tribe
8-Apr-2011, 02:26
I have quite a few catalogues listing the variety of continental tailboard/reisekameras made and can recognise many from the brass work and other details. Nameplates help too!

This 18x24cm (my first in this size) is very different from what I have seen before. The front frame can be tilted around the two edge metal supports. Even more unusual is the tilting brass hardware at the back which is beyond being able to give a written description!
Has anyone seen anything like this before?
It will be interesting to see how solid/usable this is when I have it in my hands. I have my doubts!

8-Apr-2011, 06:56
No clue on a name, but why question it's functionality? It should be fine with the smaller, lighter lenses. A camera is just a light tight box.
User error should be a bigger concern.:eek:

Steven Tribe
9-Apr-2011, 00:36
I have had the thought, given the good condition and innovative design, that this might be a product of the Soviet Union who made these - even after WW2?

Steven Tribe
30-May-2011, 03:06
It is now in my hands. It is the pre-ww1 type. No name but the usual assembly numbers on woodwork.
I enclose a better photo of the mechanism.

A are swivel fitments on the front and rear standards - very necessary because of the more delicate front. These are on both sides of the camera.

B is a bronze rod which is clamped by two screws at A.

C are the turning points of the standards.

D is the very different tilt movement control for the back standard.

The front structural plate is a couple of mm away the mahogany standard so the "sticking out" end of D can slide between the brass plate and the wood standard when the camera is packed (the dotted area).

It came off a production line for stereo/mono 18x24cm. The makers then mounted a removeable Grundner (eye lash) shutter, with concealed tubing, before the bellows were glued into place.