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7-Apr-2011, 07:59
In my continual quest for early American photographic equipment, I often find things unrecognized. At first I was going to pass on buying this, but then a little research revealed it's an uncommon Klay Multiplying Plate Holder, from about 1893. It's amazing what inventions were made for photographers in the last 150 years.




Ernest Purdum
7-Apr-2011, 17:11
It's amazing what still shows up after all these years. It looks to be in nice shape, too. Have fun.

7-Apr-2011, 23:12
I'm not sure I understand, does it allow you to take many, smaller exposures on one large plate?


8-Apr-2011, 14:07
I'm still trying to figure it out, but will let you know.

8-Apr-2011, 15:18
Call them up and ask?

....... :D

Steven Tribe
9-Apr-2011, 01:11
This is certainly a very "clean design" version of the multi-backs I have seen. Usually they are exposed columns and rows.

The two dials must adjust the size of the horizontal and vertical framing - whilst the side lever must be "the advance to the next position or release part of the back mechanism to go to the next position"!
Inside there must be a double focal plane shutter type curtain mechanisms making the framing.
How the 8x10 film/plate is installed and how the back box slides over the fixed part of the back must remain a secret until the autopsi has been performed.

Emil Schildt
10-Apr-2011, 04:04
great looking..

Now this is one reason I think we should have a thread where we can show all the items that is not cameras...

accessories of all kinds.....

Some of all the fantastic/strange inventions made..