View Full Version : Any one have experience with rodenstock grandagon6:8 90mm mc

Jules Hancock
24-Nov-2000, 14:12
Have bought this as my fisrt lens, really wanted a 90 mm, looked at ebay, but yo u know how that goes. Does anyone have anything to say good or bad about this l ens, and is there a place to get paperwork on this lens? Am planning on putting it with gandolfi 5x7. Stroebel says it has enough coverage, barely. Will say thanks now for all the help.

Carl Weese
24-Nov-2000, 14:43
I've had one of these for almost twenty years, and it's an excellent lens. I've done a great deal of commercial architectural 4x5 work with it. It will _just_ manage to cover 5x7 and of course will be an extreme wide angle with that format. I've gotten good negatives in 5x7 with it while testing cameras for review. It's awful extreme as a first lens for 5x7 but if you're sure you want that wide a view, it should deliver for you.---Carl

John Hicks
24-Nov-2000, 17:48
It's a nice lens, with coverage about the same as Schneider's f8 lens. It might be a bit tight for 5x7; if so, the alternatives are Nikon's 90 f8, the Schneider f5.6 and Rodenstock f4.5. The faster lenses are much bigger.

24-Nov-2000, 20:46
Julie, I use the Rod. 90/6.8 on 4x5, but it's one of my favorite lenses. Very sharp and beautiful rich color rendition; also far smaller and lighter than the 90XL or other faster lenses. If you email Bob Salomon at HP Marketing, he will send you the latest literature on Rodenstock lenses.

Pete Andrews
27-Nov-2000, 07:47
It's a great lens, and I echo everything that's been said about it. I think the image circle is about 220mm at f/22, just enough to cover 5x7.All I know for sure is that on my MPP 5x4 technical camera, the camera runs out of movement before the Grandagon does.