View Full Version : What is this mystery film?

Bill Brady
19-Nov-2000, 19:31
Sorting through my 4x5 B&W negs I find that I have exactly 3 negs that have a si ngle wide notch with rounded bottom corners. Sorta like Plus-X minus the two sma ll notches. It's not round like Ilford Ortho+ but had a flat bottom.

I shot these pics in '83 when I was shooting almost exclusively Tri-X. (obviousl y not every time!)

I cannot find that pattern in any of my references.

What is this mystery film?

Pete Andrews
20-Nov-2000, 06:01
Err, dunno! But at one time nearly all b&w film just had a single square notch cut in it, and it was only colour film that had them fancy serrated finger cutters on 'em.Is there no identification stamped into the edge of the sheet in words?

Robert A. Zeichner
20-Nov-2000, 08:23
According to the most current source of this info, what you described is the notch code for speceial order or limited run products.

Bill Brady
20-Nov-2000, 09:55
I just found that code in one of my Kodak books. It must have been some "white box" film I picked up somewhere.