View Full Version : 270- Tele-Nikkor

Steve Clark
5-Nov-2000, 22:54
Any comments about a 270 Tele-Nikkor to be used as a long lens on a field camera for landscapes. Thanks,Steve

Glenn Kroeger
6-Nov-2000, 00:45
Nice lens for roll film sizes, but with 160mm image circle, barely covers 4x5 which means only movements would be back tilt.

Sol Campbell
21-Nov-2000, 02:48
Why would movement be so important for a tele lens?

Glenn Kroeger
21-Nov-2000, 09:16
Small tilt angles move the image circle alot due to the long "lever arm" of the focal length... so back tilts may be necessary.

Ellis Vener
22-Nov-2000, 16:39
Well a better choice because it is cheaper, smaller, lighter, and has a huge image circle (meaning when on axis you are using just the heart of the lens and also much more range for movements) would be the Nikon 300mm ?/9 M-Nikkor, unless your camera doesn't have 300mm of bellows capability and you are unable to come up with an extention lensboard. other than that: fine choice!