View Full Version : Caltar S-II 150mm f/5.6 coverage...?

5-Apr-2011, 14:50
I am contemplating fixing up a 5X7 back for adapting to my 8X10 camera...motivated by the high cost of 8X10 film. I am wondering if my Caltar S-II 150mm f/5.6 (left over from my 4X5 days) will cover 5X7 format. I have googled but am having trouble translating the numbers - 70 degrees of coverage and 210mm image circle is what I have found. Will that cover 5X7? I am thinking I may get vignetting at the corners at infinity.

Gem Singer
5-Apr-2011, 14:58
It's a rebadged 150 Schneider Symmar and will just barely cover 5x7 with very little room for movements.

5-Apr-2011, 15:07
Thanks Gem. It has the telltale speckling disease, so I figured it was a Shneider. Sure wish it had a tad more coverage.

E. von Hoegh
5-Apr-2011, 15:23
There's a 210 Rodenstock in the for sale section. I'll bump it up.

8-Apr-2011, 22:07
I've previously made a note to myself that the 150mm symmar-s has a 210mm image circle so it should *just* cover 5x7 straight on but no movements. But it might do better than you'd predict if it's true that Schneider under-rates the image circles on their lenses.

If you've got the lens and the camera it'll be easy to work out the image circle... just mount the 150 and you'll see the edge of the image on your 8x10 ground glass.

I gather 150mm is a blind spot for 5x7 and there's relatively few modern lenses with really good coverage for the format. I've read the 150mm g-claron has an image circle of 190mm but people who use them rate it as more than that when it's stopped down and use them on 5x7. Or there's an older 150mm fujinon-w that has an image circle of 245mm. After that you're getting into large lenses or old designs in barrel mounts.

if you could find a cheap 165mm/6.8 Angulon they're supposed to have an image circle of 300mm but the perspective/focal length is almost identical to 150mm.

do you have any other lens near 150mm for your 8x10 that could be used? Even a 180mm won't look all that different but will have ok coverage for 5x7.