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4-Apr-2011, 20:10
Hi all,

Received a toyo-view g that I bought on ebay. I noticed a rip in the box when I was opening it and on inspection the rear fine-focus knob is bent. Still works but it's a bit wonky. The images on ebay showed no damage to the camera and I confirmed with the seller that the knob was straight when she packaged and sent it. I had insurance on the package and will be filing a claim with usps but I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience fixing this problem. Not sure where to even start.

Thanks - Dave

4-Apr-2011, 21:19
If you could post a photo that would help, but you might first try straightening the knob.
You'll need a tiny allen key to remove it; once removed, you can either swap it for the front knob, or try to straighten it.
If that doesn't work, you can sometimes find Toyo G standards on eBay for cheap; buy one for spare parts.
It's a really fine camera, and at least it's still working.
I wish I could be of more help, maybe others have better solutions.

Douglas Henderson
5-Apr-2011, 08:19
I had much the same thing happen when buying a Toyo 810M earlier this year. The right back standard travel knob, while showing some problem in the auction photo, was simply disintegrating when I unwrapped the camera after a UPS delivery--even though the camera was reasonably well padded and packed. There were a number of other odd dissassembling of parts and minor damages to the camera that all seem to stem from a good impact during shipping.

Anyway, I called Toyo and found replacement parts for everything--new plastic knob, new tiny little screw that had sheared off, etc. They even sent me an exploded parts diagram PDF for the camera from which it was easy to find and ID the needed parts.