View Full Version : How good is Arista VC FB Paper?

steve Barth
27-Jul-2000, 21:22
Arista makes pretty decent B&W film. I use the 400 Speed in 8X10 and am satisfi ed with the performance. They also make a B&W fiber base variable contrast prin ting paper. Does anyone out there have experience with this paper? I'd like to order a large quantity but hesitate without at least some feedback on performan ce.

pat krentz
28-Jul-2000, 03:48
I used some of this paper a couple of years ago and it was very good, I have since changed over to Azo, since most of my work any more is contact printing and use Peckham's Amidol for developer, there is no paper better than Azo for tonal scale, except alt. processes. Pat

28-Jul-2000, 10:32
I use the 400 speed film as well and I tried the fiber. I like the film not so crazy for the paper though.From that i switched to SEagull and I like it a lot better. I dont really have a good reason, I just did not like the way the arista looked. It some how seemed "cheap"? IMHO spend a little extra and multig IV, or buy a small quantity to test.I also use the arista RC to proof it looks kinda dull and muddy. -J

Matthew Hunt
29-Jul-2000, 00:47
Noting that the Arista product line is made in England and consists only of items which also appear in the Ilford product line (e.g. papers with the same surfaces and films that have the same development times and come in very Ilfordesque boxes if you buy them by the 100 feet), I made identical exposures of a step wedge onto Ilford MG IV RC Pearl and Arista VC RC Pearl. I could not distinguish them.

I have some Arista VC FB Glossy, but have not tested it against Ilford MG IV FB Glossy yet.