View Full Version : 8x10 hangers for paper

David de Gruyl
4-Apr-2011, 06:34
So, I was (contact) printing some 8x10 on the alt-photo-products POP paper about a month ago and decided that the curl was just too much. I had the bright idea of using film hangers and tanks to process the paper (it is a very long wet process: about 72 minutes - depending on toning - before the final wash). I tried that this weekend.

In any case: I can say that I had great success using film hangers to process this paper. Be careful if you try this since paper expands more than film (which essentially doesn't). The paper might come pull out of the hanger if you move to quickly, especially side to side.

I used four 1 gallon tanks, one 3.5 gallon tank (for interim / final washing) and one (oversized) tray for toning: I will probably just bite the bullet and use a tank next time. this sped the whole process up as I can easily process six prints in the same tank, and gave more consistent results since the entire paper was in the water, not curling out of a tray.