View Full Version : Need help w/shutter to focus f6.8 90mm Angulon

3-Apr-2011, 10:31
So I now have this sweet Linhof Schneider 90mm 6.8 Angulon, however I can't figure out how to open the shutter to compose/focus! Ser. # 45...... I read a post somewhere that referred to this version but it didn't offer any info on how to open the shutter. It doesn't have a lever like on my Linhof Schneider 135mm.
Anyone know the trick? Thanks for any help you might offer!

3-Apr-2011, 12:54
I have an angulon with no lever at all; the only way to focus is to open the aperture and put in on B with a locking cable release.

3-Apr-2011, 13:26
I have an angulon with no lever at all; the only way to focus is to open the aperture and put in on B with a locking cable release.

Yes! Thanks for your help. Works just like you suggested!

Frank Petronio
3-Apr-2011, 13:33
Sorry I was on my phone earlier.

These lenses can be mounted in a variety of shutter variations (shutters are separate items made by different companies, in your case most likely it is a Compur). Some had press-levers, some had a tiny knob you slide to "lock" the lens open, sometimes you need a locking cable-release. That is why I said post a photo of it and you will have a definitive answer in minutes.

4-Apr-2011, 04:54
Thanks for your help! I tried posting a photo but can't find a way to include an attachment on here ( as a response on this thread). I will try inserting a link.
It would be helpful to know if I can open the shutter either way ; with a "locking button" and/or the cable release method that "Better Sense" suggested.
Hopefully here's the link to the actual lens from the ad posted here:
Thanks again!

Frank Petronio
4-Apr-2011, 05:02
I think on that shutter, right next to the cut-out showing the shutter speed, is a sliding round metal button that will slide back towards the film end of the camera to hold the lens open. Speed on "B" and shutter cocked.

Depending how your lens is mounted on your camera, your fingers may be too large to comfortably access that button, especially if you use a recessed lensboard. In this case you'd use a locking cable release to hold the lens open on 'B".

I can't remember but sometimes there is a small flat metal tab that you press in (any speed, shutter cocked) and it will pop the lens open until you fire the shutter and recock it, ready for the film exposure. That may be lurking on the side of the shutter I can't see in the photo.

For posting photos in threads, look for the "Advanced" button and add them as attachments. They should be small >150kb jpgs. You can also link to photos hosted elsewhere, like on a Flickr account or other websites.