View Full Version : Now this is a Massive Lens

3-Apr-2011, 04:49
.....and massive wet plate camera....Circa 1870's. Image is likey to be of George Kendall Warren, famed photog in Cambridgeport and Boston circa 1860-1884... Image from Cowan's Auctions - great place for early photography. CDV images sold for $ 3,680 in 2004.



mark anderson
3-Apr-2011, 05:56
if he is trying to make adjustments to the lens his tecnique looks like a pain in the ..........

3-Apr-2011, 08:04
The lens is so huge he can sit on it...there must be some sort of intrinsic meaning to that which I have yet to grasp..

Mark Sawyer
3-Apr-2011, 10:29
A rare and valuable photograph documenting the invention of the "front tilt" movement!

3-Apr-2011, 10:42
I wouldn't mind seating like that in my house