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2-Apr-2011, 20:52
i recently inherited several pieces of photography equipment that i know nothing about and really dont want to dispose of them if there is a value to them. I really could use anyones help who knows about photography about value.

1. Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-H # 64173 lens
2. Ghostmaster Flash fire control system for leafshutter cameras "monplug" type
3. Tiffen 55mm star 4pt 2mm lens.
4. Topsiba 77mm PL lens
5. Hawk remote 310-198
6. Sekonic Studio Deluxe exposure meter model l-398 no. 600081
7. Kodak Projection Zoom Ektanar Lens 4 to 6 inches
8. Kodak Projection Zoom Ektanar Lens 2 1/2 inches
9. Nikon 62mm lens
10. B&W 77e nl2 lens
11. Hoya 52mm star-eight lens
12. B&W looks like 77e nl1 lens
13. Quantaray 72mm UV lens
14. Nikon nd 4x 52mm lens
15. Nikon B2 52mm lens
16. Tiffen 67mm 82a metal ring
17. Tiffen 67mm cc20m Metal Ring have 2 of these

any help that anyone can give me on these items will greatly be appreciated

Phil Graves mcflip40@hotmail.com

Bill Burk
2-Apr-2011, 21:16
The anamorphic lens would probably appeal to cinematographers. It might be worth a couple hundred dollars.

The ghostmaster seems like an interesting unit. You might find someone here who is interested, the manufacturer offered them at a hundred so that seems like a good asking price.

The Sekonic is loved by everyone, maybe fifty dollars.

Otherwise looks like an odd batch of filters which would be accepted as gifts by people who have lenses they fit.

2-Apr-2011, 21:23
Thank You for all your help

Darin Boville
2-Apr-2011, 22:02
Weird, the inventor of the Ghostmaster just posted the other day: