View Full Version : Kodak Master View 4x5?

R. Watts
25-Jul-2000, 22:46
I've seen ads for the Kodak Master View 4x5, is this similar (except for size), to the Kodak Master View 8x10, i.e., similar design, movements, etc.?

Tony Brent
26-Jul-2000, 00:34
This site may help:


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
26-Jul-2000, 00:55
Not even close.

The Kodak Master Camera 8 X 10 (often erroneously called the Master View) is like a metal cross between a Deardorff and a Century Universal, it is a field camera. (although it works just fine in the studio and was advertised as being perfect for that purpose)

The Kodak Masterview is a 4 X 5 monorail and the grandaddy of the Calumet CC monorail series. It was used by architectural photographer Julius Schulman, among others. It has geared front rise, front shift, front swing & tilt on axis and rear axis swing and tilt. I think it has rear shift, but can't recall for sure.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
26-Jul-2000, 00:56
p.s. If you want pics, e-mail me off forum