View Full Version : 90mm f:8 Super Angulon on Technika

1-Apr-2011, 11:39
Does the bed have to be dropped for vertical pictures? Is a recessed lens board needed?

Bob Salomon
1-Apr-2011, 12:52
Yes to both.
The bed is supposed to be dropped all the way with any 90. The front standard raised to its top. The front standard tilted back to perpendicular and the back tilted to the be parallel to the lens (did you get those back locks fixed?).

1-Apr-2011, 15:23
Yes to both.
did you get those back locks fixed?.

Thanks for asking, Bob. I'm considering just replacing the IV with a Master Tech. (That's why I asked about the Serial number on the other post -- thanks for answering it, too.)

Brian Ellis
1-Apr-2011, 15:42
I didn't find a need for a recessed board with my 90mm f5.6 SA.

Frank Bunnik
2-Apr-2011, 05:47
I have a 90mm 5,5 SA lens in a recessed board with my Master technika. I have no need to drop the bed for verticals. It does not show up in the photo.