View Full Version : N+, N- development with Scala

Jeff Hall
24-Oct-2000, 13:57
This may sound like a begginers question because it is. Does the push and pull process with Agfa Scala work similar to the N+ or N- development with the zone s ystem? I know the image would be darker or lighter, but would this achieve a si milar effect?

Larry Huppert
24-Oct-2000, 17:39
Think of Scala (or other B&W films developed through the .dr5 process) as a transparency, which is what it is. Expose the film as if your working with color transparency material, although you can use B&W filters. The zone system doesn't work in the traditional sense. Just like color transparency material, underexposing and pushing will increase contrast, and overexposing and pulling will decrease contrast.