View Full Version : Maintaining a Leather Bellows

Bill Lindley
3-May-1999, 23:28
I have been suprised that there have been no answers to the question about bello ws maintenance. I will ask it again, and hopefully someone will respond: how abo ut it? anybody have any ideas re: bellows maintenance?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
4-May-1999, 01:16
Lexol leather conditioner is a product that has been recommended from time to time. Never use neat's Foot Oil as it can dissolve the glue binding the bellows together. Ditto anything with Silicon, sprays, Armor-All, etc. Try a leather goods store like Tandys and read the labels on all the products. Also, you could contact Ron Wisner at his website and get his input.

Charles Matter
4-May-1999, 09:44
Or check with Steve Grimes@ http://www.skgrimes.com/index.htm#nav