View Full Version : Legotron, Mark I 45 Camera made of LEGO bricks

QT Luong
31-Mar-2011, 12:12
Here's a fun and detailed blog post about a primitive camera made with lego blocks


In the comments, there are links to another cheaply made 4x5 camera

Bruce Watson
31-Mar-2011, 12:36
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. :rolleyes:

Brian C. Miller
31-Mar-2011, 13:50
Oh, come on now, Bruce! Stuff like this is exactly what needs to happen. LF is fun! LF is cool and hip! Come on, Bruce, get groovy!

The only problem with the camera is that Lego bricks don't have enough colors. The black foam core camera is good, too. The Register decided to pick up on 3D printing (link (http://www.reghardware.com/2011/03/31/wtf_is_3d_printing/)), and that could be interesting for fun cameras like this.

31-Mar-2011, 13:57
They'd better patent it now before someone else does!

bob carnie
31-Mar-2011, 14:09
Totally awesome.

31-Mar-2011, 14:24
Thats dynamite.

Kirk Gittings
31-Mar-2011, 14:27
The new Bender.

31-Mar-2011, 15:12
OH JEEEEZ now i have seen everything I can now die


1-Apr-2011, 05:17
The new Bender.

I always thought it was ironic for Bender to use his own name. Who wants a view camera that's named "Bender"?

The Lego camera should be named "Breaker".

Rick "where is James May when we need him" Denney

Nathan Smith
1-Apr-2011, 05:44
This has even more right to the nickname "the brick" than the Argus C3 :)

Now, maybe an ULF built of C3's ... hmmmm.

1-Apr-2011, 06:21
Who wants a view camera that's named "Bender"?

But isn't that one of the key abilities of a view camera?

Tobias Key
1-Apr-2011, 06:27
Right, who's going to build a view camera out of meccano (http://meccanoman.co.uk/catalog/)?

Has all the right gears and components for a good camera, all the plates being full of holes might be an issue...

John Jarosz
1-Apr-2011, 06:29
Is there a digital back available for this?

1-Apr-2011, 07:58
very good!

Peter York
1-Apr-2011, 08:01
A Lego bellows would be really cool!