View Full Version : Help! I've broken a borrowed Sinar !!!

john barton
31-Mar-2011, 10:14
Can anyone help me out here, my wife has loan of a Sinar large format, I was having a look and lifted a catch and the back with the diffuse glass plate fell to the floor and smashed - I'm understandably in the dog house - I can't find the model no. anywhere ...how do I go about replacing it and where? any help would be much appreciated (is this the right place on this forum to posting this sort of request? thanks in anticipation j

31-Mar-2011, 10:25

Check e-bay. You'll need to know the format size of the camera's back (e.g., 4x5, 5x7 8x10, etc). Here's a like to some current listings on e-bay:


Good luck,


31-Mar-2011, 10:43
Sorry to hear about your dilemna. A similar thing happened to me, except it wasn't a Sinar and the glass only broke after I dropped it a second time.

Measure the opening where the ground glass was carefully since a 4x5 ground glass might not measure exactly 4x5. Same for 5x7 and 8x10.

john barton
31-Mar-2011, 10:56
many thanks, I think I've found the right one - it'll be with me in 2 weeks ! and then we'll see cheers j

Steven Tribe
31-Mar-2011, 14:09
Are you sure the Sinar still had the original Ground Glass fitted?
Some owners have swapped these for patent brighter (and more expennsive!) glass through the years!

erie patsellis
31-Mar-2011, 16:42
Which model Sinar, if it's a P or P2 (has geared movements), then you really want an original Sinar ground glass, as it has the rotation axis lines marked on the ground glass.