View Full Version : Butcher and Son National Camera question

Douglas Henderson
30-Mar-2011, 12:22
There is a nice looking Butcher half-plate camera on Ebay at the moment that looks as if it would be a relatively easy project to convert to 5x7. I have enough new cameras to keep me busy and so haven't jumped at the seeming low price.

But I am curious to hear any opinions that might be offered for a Butcher camera like this.

Ernest Purdum
30-Mar-2011, 17:40
I assume the camera has a removable back. In general, it is feasible for a competent woodworker to make a replacement that will fit the camera in the same way as the original. The nice factor about this is that the camera doesn't have to be altered in any way and the original back can be snapped right back on for either use or display.

Since 5X7 is slightly larger than 1/2 plate, it may be necessary to make the adapter back a little extra thick, placing the focal plane back somewhat from the original.