View Full Version : Switching to a 3/8-16 mount on a Technika?

Frank Petronio
30-Mar-2011, 10:21
Hi (Bob) - so if I needed to use a 3/8-16 screw to mount my Technika IV to a tripod, is there any easy way? I'm looking and guessing it requires a replacement part....

30-Mar-2011, 10:40
If the camera has a 3/8"-16 thread and the tripod has a 1/4"-20 screw, just use a reducing bushing. Readily available from any retailer.

Search URL on the B&H website: https://secure.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=bushing&N=0&InitialSearch=yes

- Leigh

Frank Petronio
30-Mar-2011, 10:43
it's the other way around ;-/

Think of a Gorilla trying to mate with a Hummingbird....

30-Mar-2011, 10:46
Then you'll need to replace either the camera bushing or the tripod screw.

It's possible to make an adapter plate, but it would be at least 1/4" thick, which might be a problem.

- Leigh

Frank Petronio
30-Mar-2011, 10:49
I ended up sucking it up and just getting the $37 screw from Sinar Bron.... pardon the pun... it is for a nice $$$ Foba head so everything is expensive.

Greg Lockrey
31-Mar-2011, 05:01
Since I use RRS mounts it's a non-issue.

Bob Salomon
31-Mar-2011, 05:05
Call Marflex 252 652-4401

E. von Hoegh
31-Mar-2011, 09:34
Doesn't the STIV already have a bushing to reduce the 3/8 thread to 1/4??