View Full Version : Cheap, fast Landscape meniscus lens

Steven Tribe
30-Mar-2011, 04:55
Photo 1 shows a projection petzval marked 4" which has been at the bottom of the "come back to later" box for years. The only use for this would be for a DSLR experimenter.

Photo 2 shows a recently acquired "other maker/budget" lensless meniscus lens acquired last week. Sold as a "lens attachment" - which, I suppose, is technically correct.

The landscape lens has only one fixed small aperture, but fortunately the whole front screws off.

Needless to say, the front petzval of the projector lens fits perfectly in place of the missing rear lens.

This gives a landscape lens of 150mm, with two F options - F.5 and F17. It just about covers 5x7".

The original petzval's rear pair has a FL of around 230mm.

There were many other achromats I have that didn't fit!