View Full Version : How do I load a Horseman 6x7 220 rollfilm back?

Jeffrey Goggin
21-Oct-2000, 14:14
I've started replacing all my tired Graflex rollfilm backs with newer used ones from Horseman. However, this morning, when I tried to load a roll of film for t he first time, I couldn't see any marks, lines or arrows indicating where the st art position is ... did I overlook this or is there a secret handshake or someth ing that I need to learn?

Jeffrey Goggin
21-Oct-2000, 14:21
Never mind ... I just found the answer in the archives. I apologize for having asked a question that's already been answered but I must have missed it during my quick search.

Jeffrey Goggin
21-Oct-2000, 16:08
It was just pointed out to me that even though I now know the answer to my question, including it here might be helpful to someone who is searching the archives for an answer to the same question.

So, here goes: There is a small (10-12mm) hole in the pressure plate through which the start arrow becomes visible as the film is wound. Center this arrow in the hole, close and lock the back and continue winding the film until the number "1" becomes visible in the counter window ... voila! You're done.