View Full Version : Sinar lens board retaining "clip"

29-Mar-2011, 19:29
I've seen references to some of of "retaining clip" for the lensboard on Sinars (F in my case).
Anyone have any information or can point me to one ?


Frank Petronio
29-Mar-2011, 20:22
It's just a small piece of bent pot metal positioned in such a way that if the lensboard latch was released, the lensboard would only flop forward a few degrees and not too easily fall to the ground. On the other hand, you have to wiggle the lensboard into place.

I've never seen one for sale on its own but it wouldn't cost much.

erie patsellis
30-Mar-2011, 10:04
Fred, see http://www.image2output.com/image2outputcom/photographic/sinar-accessories/sinar-accessories-view-cameras/lensboard-holder-p-2424.html for a picture of one.