View Full Version : congo 300mm f6.3 can you tell me more

29-Mar-2011, 18:36
I am looking for a 300 mm lens and have come across this one locally but don't really know how well they are regarded or for which photo applications they are best used for

it is a Congo 300mm f6.3 in a copal 3 shutter

how well regarded is this lens and what would be a fair price for it

I should add that I plan to use it for 4x5 shooting not 8x10

thanks for your help

Gem Singer
29-Mar-2011, 19:07
A Copal 3 is a lot of shutter to use on a 4x5 camera.

The Congos are low priced 4 element lenses. Not noted for their quality.

Looking for a smaller 300 for 4x5? Check out the Nikon/Nikkor 300M and the Fujinon 300C

Gem Singer
29-Mar-2011, 19:55
Something strange here.

I looked up Congo lenses on their parent website, (Yamasaki).

They do not list a f6.3 300 mm lens in a Copal 3 shutter.

They do list a 250 and a 360 in Copal 3 and a 300 tele in a Copal 0 shutter.

There is also a f4.5 300 studio lens in a barrel (no shutter).

Could this be an older lens that has been discontinued or ???

Brian C. Miller
29-Mar-2011, 20:00
I am looking for a 300 mm lens ...

If you want a 300mm lens for a 4x5, then you should consider a telephoto lens. Your camera will need at least 300mm for infinity focus, and more for nearer objects. I have an older Schneider for my 4x5, and the image circle covers 5x7 with a bit of movement. Hunt around, and you should be able to turn up a decent telephoto.

Maris Rusis
29-Mar-2011, 21:52
Yamasaki Congo 300mm f6.3 lens specifications:
Tessar design, 4 elements in 3 groups
Smallest aperture in Copal #3 is f64
Angle of view 56 degrees
Image circle at f16 is 360mm
Flange to film distance 288.3mm
Filter size 58mm
Weight 625 grammes

I sold these lenses about 20 years ago. My retail price was A$1250.

Kirk Fry
29-Mar-2011, 22:36
Ja, I have one. It may say say Copal #3 but it ain't, it is a Copal 3s. The "s" means "small" or more like useless as only odd ball lenses actually fit in it. I bought for the a shutter for my 355mm G-Claron. Wonderful plan! KFry

30-Mar-2011, 02:44
Another compact alternative in 300mm is the Rodenstock APO Ronar. These are process lenses supposedly optimized for 1:1 reproduction but my example performs exceptionally well at infinity. I enlarge up to 18x14 and it has no trouble delivering sharp impages. They come in a Copal 1 shutter.

30-Mar-2011, 06:00
I have one and it gives me good results, but as others have said, there are lighter 300mm lens if you are only going to 5x4.

Lynn Jones
30-Mar-2011, 10:59
Maris is correct. I have used a couple of Congo lenses and they were perfectly good tessar type lenses. An interesting sidel light is the word "Congo" is as close as possible to the sound of the Japanese word which translates as "Jewel"!


Ernest Purdum
30-Mar-2011, 18:04
Lynn, thanks for letting us know the derivation of "Congo". I had wondered, but although I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Yamasaki years ago, I never thought to ask about it.