View Full Version : Which wide angle?

Kent Stillwell
29-Mar-2011, 16:34
Should I get a 75mm F8 SUPER ANGULON or a 90mm F8 SUPER ANGULON? I have a recessed lensboard waiting for either one.

Mark Woods
29-Mar-2011, 16:55
I had a 75mm and rarely used it (I had a recessed board, but it was really problematic at infinity). I have the F/5.6 90mm and use it all the time in 4x5.

Walter Calahan
29-Mar-2011, 17:06
Get the lens that matches the way you see. I ended up with both a 75 & a 90 because I need both tools.

Mark Sampson
29-Mar-2011, 17:34
If you don't have a wide-angle now start with the 90. A 75 is useful for photographing kitchens and bathrooms, or large amounts of sky, but otherwise it's pretty extreme.

Gem Singer
29-Mar-2011, 17:47
If you can see your way clear, purchase both lenses.

Use them for a few months. You can always sell the one that you don't like for what you paid for it.

A 90SA is usually wide enough for outdoor usage, and a 75SA is usually used indoors where space is limited.

I could never relate to a 75 used outdoors. It rendered objects in the distance too small for my tastes.

Roger Cole
29-Mar-2011, 18:06
I have a 90 Angulon (not super) and rarely if ever want anything wider for 4x5. I do want something with more room for movement, but not wider angle.

OTOH, I think I want a 75 or even 65, but only for use with a rollfilm back. 90 is a normal on 6x7 and I'd like to have a wide angle. But for just 4x5, 90 has been fine. YMMV of course.

29-Mar-2011, 20:25
In addition to the comments above, also consider what your camera supports or what you're willing to buy. You didn't mention what format you're shooting. 75mm SA will not cover a 5x7. 90mm SA will, but several cameras won't allow the front and rear standards to compress that much (either by camera design or by bellows installed). Some cameras may offer a bag bellows to get around the latter limitation.

Kent Stillwell
29-Mar-2011, 21:01
I have Omega View 45E with 4 x 5 and a 6 x 7 roll back if needed

29-Mar-2011, 21:04
If you don't know what you need, then you don't need it.