View Full Version : What will fit in my compound 5-X Tube 12/1?

29-Mar-2011, 14:46
I found a compound shutter in a junk shop a while ago and didn't think much of it until recently - I've measured it with the size list on this forum, and it appears to be the longer tubed of the two #5 compound shutters. Other than some dirt on the shutter blades from apparently sitting on a shelf for a few years it looks completely new - the aperture ring hasn't even been engraved. All speeds seem to work fairly well.

Are there any barrel lenses that are readily available that have cells that will fit on this without modification?

16-Apr-2011, 22:31
You can consult the various PDFs available on Schneider's web site and see which ones were made for that shutter size. For other makes it's more complicate..
BTW, if you are willing to sell the item, send me a PM, i could be interested in buying it, or trading for something you like.


Paul Ewins
16-Apr-2011, 23:43
I don't think it will be Schneider, everything I could find for them was in a 12/2. Maybe a 240/3.5 or 300/4.5 Heliar?