View Full Version : problem with lens

Chet Wright
6-Jan-1999, 19:03
Help, I just received my new 72mm sa xl lens from B&H. I just assumed that they would mount the lens on the board i just bought too. After unscrewing the rear e lemet, then the ring, I found a screw protruding from the shutter. I am missing something? the lensboard can't fit flush on the shutter because of this screwhea d, which is a tiny slotted screw. There is no small hole in the sinar board that might accomodate this screw if is intented as index. thanks for all the previou s replies to my questions, chet

Gary Frost
6-Jan-1999, 20:52
You have your choice of removing the screw or providing a slot/hole for it on your lens board. For now, I would suggest to remove and save it, should you later decide to use it. It is there to prevent the lens from rotating on the board. I have not found this to be a problem if the flange is tightened to the board.

Ellis Vener
6-Jan-1999, 21:42
I second Gary's comments.