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David Solow
29-Mar-2011, 05:19
Hi All,

Another question. I just started using my Fuji PA -45 with a Fuji FP-100C45 pack. Each shot I take has a black strip on the top of the image, a strip of the properly exposed image in the middle and an overexposed strip on the bottom of what should be at the top of the image. It looks as if the film is not advancing completely when I pull the tab, so that the bottom part of the film is being obscured by the next sheet of film. That part of the next sheet is being exposed. Thus the black strip at the top of the image (bottom of the film), the properly exposed section in the middle and the overexposed bottom (with the image of what should be at the top). Am I making myself clear? In the dark, I opened the dark slide of the film holder to feel if one sheet was partially obscuring another one, but everything felt fine inside. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I already exposed 5 shots trying to work this out to no avail.


Tim Povlick
29-Mar-2011, 06:37
Hi David,

This sounds somewhat similar to a problem I had when I first starting using this device. I had incorrectly fed the white pull tab between the rollers. When loaded correctly (tabs in front of the rollers) the prints looked good and loading a film pack was much easier.


David Solow
29-Mar-2011, 07:16
Thanks for responding, Tim.

I was shooting with the black tab up (to pull out the print/negative), instead of just the white tab.

All's well, now.

26-Oct-2011, 19:04
Hey all,
I am having a similar problem, but it is definitely not due to improper loading. I have used the medium format version of this film for many years with no problems. It seems that with the 4x5 version, I am having trouble getting each sheet to advance properly. When I take the first image, only the top half inch comes out, and I need to pull the next sheet to get the rest of the image, wasting an entire sheet to only get part of an image. I can distinctly see the shadow from the bottom of the previous sheet blocking part of the image. I have used 2 different backs and wasted 3 packs of film on this problem. Any suggestions? am I not pulling the film properly? I do it the same way I did with the medium format version (FP100c, not FP100c45).
The back is mounted on a Shen Hao 4x5, could it not be compatible with this camera? I have heard of others using it.... HELP!!!

Daniel Stone
26-Oct-2011, 19:34
DON'T pull the film out of the holder when its loaded in/on the camera. Remove the PA-45/550 back to remove/process the film.

1. Shoot picture.
2. Re-insert darkslide.
3. Remove back from camera.
4. Grasp in one hand the back, or lay on a flat, clean, surface(such as a table).
5. Pull(with other hand) small white #'d tab. Floppy "handle" end of print will now be protruding from the back.
6. Pull GENTLY the "handle" part until you feel it snug up and give resistance.
7. PULL in 1, STEADY(not quick, but steady constant motion), the print out of the back.
8. Let the print process.
9. Peel from the #(on back of print)'d corner. IDK why, my PA-45 always gave me weird residue marks if I pulled from any other corner after processing to look @ the print. When pulling from the # corner, 95% of the time no marks/residue, etc...

I got this "list" from Gudmundur Ingolfsson(he's a member here), just sending out a "thank you" to him for helping me out. Thanks Gudmundur! I shot 15 packs of instant film during my trip to Iceland last summer for my trip journal, and through this method described above, I didn't have any more marks/bubbles/pinholes due to bad processing/inconsistent pulling.


27-Oct-2011, 09:39
Also, always make sure your rollers are clean.
If dirty, these can have various effects on your sheet of film, from relatively benign to disastrous.
I spray some Windex directly on the rollers, and wipe it down with a paper towel, making sure that the entire roller assembly is clean by spinning the rollers.